Our Aims

This was a set of 3, six session research- based programme of the Creative Model of Recovery that was devised by Jill Boyd, former Mental Health Nurse, Community Artist recently qualified FE Teacher and a survivor of domestic abuse herself.  Facilitators include Jill herself and Deborah Hooker, also a qualified FE Teacher and trained Counsellor. 

The sessions aimed to undo the grooming techniques used by abusers that created a victim under their control. Feelings of being unsafe and vulnerable are real and ongoing, even after leaving the abusive relationship. By using creative processes, the victim, now a survivor can rebuild and recover who they were. They can feel safer, reduce isolation and become a stronger individual. 

This project has been funded by a Safer Communities Grant.

Look what I CAN do...

New skills, loving colour

I'm not alone anymore

My safe


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